Tax discs due for permanent expiry.


tax disc

After nearly a century the vehicle road tax disc will soon be a thing of the past. The government has announced plans to scrap tax discs instead giving everyone in the UK an option to pay monthly direct debits online and a central data base will hold record of your tax expiry therefore taking away the need to display a tax disc in your windscreen.

Paying online is not a new thing for people in the GB mainland as they are able to update their tax online, however people in Northern Ireland can only renew their tax either in their local DVA tax office or in a Post Office. This will come into effect from October 2014.

For anyone who doesn’t have access to the internet they can tax their vehicle at the Post Office or over the phone. Many have been praising the new measure as making road tax more affordable in the current economic climate however what many may not realise is that if you choose the monthly direct debit payment option you will end up paying an overall additional 5%.

The team at Speedy Reg believe this is the end of an era and will be very sad to see the tax disc come to an end after so many years. In fact the office has a collection of tax disc through the years which they will now treasure even more and may even become collectors items!