Which Prestige Cars are Most Often Clamped for being Untaxed?

Most Clamped Cars Last Year
Most Clamped Cars Last Year – Speedy Reg

You’d really think if you were driving a Rolls-Royce or an Aston Martin you’d certainly want to ensure that it was taxed. I can’t imagine that many Maserati drivers have avoided paying their road tax because they just can’t afford it!

There really is no excuse for not paying your tax and your car will be clamped and impounded, regardless of the vehicle you’re driving. In the tax year 18/19 133,000 vehicles were clamped and impounded for being untaxed. Out of this, nearly 350 were prestige cars, with Porsches making up a massive 199 of these! Here’s the rest of the list… Abarth – 28, Maserati – 23, Bentley – 20, Cadillac – 19, Tesla – 10, Triumph – 10, Aston Martin – 8, Rolls-Royce – 8, Ferrari – 7, Lotus – 4, TVR – 3, Hummer – 1, Lincoln – 1, McLaren – 1.

But of course it isn’t just Porsche and Bentley drivers that end up clamped, and it’s no surprise that those vehicles most commonly impounded for being untaxed are those that there are a lot of on the roads with Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra taking the top spots with 6000 incidents for each model.

In addition, there were 73 London Taxis clamped, as well as 5 Harley-Davidsons, 4 motorhomes and an Iris Bus. It just goes to show, you can’t get away with not taxing your vehicle no matter what you drive!

32,588 of the vehicles clamped were silver in colour. 25,329 were black, 25,026 were blue and 16.663 were white. Now of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that silver car drivers are more irresponsible, there are a lot of silver cars on the road, and black ones, but blue is rather perplexing! Surely there are more red cars on the road than blue, but only 11,126 red cars were clamped for being untaxed.

Every car on the roads needs to be taxed so make sure your tax is always up to date. Forgetting to tax your car may be an honest mistake, but that won’t wash with the DVLA. Your car will be clamped and impounded if it’s found to be untaxed and you’ll certainly have a large fine to pay to get your car back, as well as the inconvenience. Taxing your car is so simple these days. You can do it all easily online at any time of day that suits you.