Get Your Red Noses On – It’s Comic Relief 2019 

Red Nose Day — Speedy Reg

Red Nose Day is the perfect opportunity to have a whole lot of fun and raise money for some great causes. This year there’s a lot going on as usual. Of course you’ll need your obligatory red nose and this year they’re particularly cute! They’re just £1.25 and come boxed, so you don’t know which nose you’re going to get. You might get the adorable Abominable Snoseman, Snufflekins the kitty, or perhaps you’ll get lucky and find a rare nose. There’s a green frog nose called Hoppy Hooter, you’ve got a 1 in 840 chance of finding him, or the ultra rare Nose The Transforminos which you can wear upside down. If you find that one then you’re very lucky as there’s only a 1 in 8400 chance of getting it! There are also lots of other products for sale such as keyrings, badges, and some gorgeous Disney merchandise.

If you’re in London, you may went to post your letters in a special postbox outside of the BBC Headquarters on Langham Place. When you do, the post box will tell you a joke! It’ll be there until March 22nd if you want to try give it a go.

How to get involved

Getting involved and raising money has never been easier. You can order fundraising kits from the website These will give you lots of ideas and inspiration for organising your own fundraiser. Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman will be having a danceathon, dancing for more than 24 hours! You can sponsor them, or why not organise your own danceathon if you’re feeling energetic enough! You can also buy tickets for various prize draws. Tickets are £10 each and there are some amazing prizes. You could win a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet, breakfast with Sir David Attenborough, or how about the chance to get on set with Doctor Who? These truly are prizes that money can’t buy!

Want to paint the town red?

If red is your favourite colour, then how about a RED plate? You’ll have lots of choices when you type RED into our search box and view all the plates we have available. We think RED 11OT (red hot) is pretty cool, or how about RED 5S, RED 11ON, N3 RED or W1 RED?

Plates for your favourite colour

Of course if your favourite colour isn’t red, we certainly won’t disappoint if you search for it. Discover more great colourful plates such as BLU 1E and BLU 333S, GRE 1N, GRE 16Y, or BLA 6K

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