Game On – It’s Mario Day!

Mario Day - Speedy Reg
Mario Day – Speedy Reg

It’s March 10th, so that can mean only one thing, it’s Mario Day! If you’ve ever needed an excuse to play video games all day well here you have it. Of course Mario Day has to be on the 10th of March – MAR 10 – get it? So forget the housework, take the day off work, and get out the consoles for an entire day of gaming! Why not invite your friends over for a Mario Kart tournament, or have family fun with Mario Party? Got a retro console in the loft? Why not dust it off and bring back those memories? Have you still got the skills?

Everyone loves Mario, the world’s most famous plumber. He certainly has more adventures than your average tradesman. When he’s not busy avoiding red shells on the race track, he’s jumping through pipes and across clouds to rescue a Princess. Those Princesses do have a habit of getting kidnapped don’t they? But Mario always manages to save them.

A fancy dress party would be a cool way to celebrate Mario Day, a Mario or Luigi outfit is pretty easy to put together, just don’t forget the moustache. Or perhaps you’d prefer to be Princess Peach or Bowser? Chocolate coins are a must-have snack for a Mario Party.

Every day is Mario Day with a Mario private plate

Celebrate your love of all things Nintendo with a Mario plate such as MAR 108S. We mustn’t forget Mario’s brother too, we’ve got LUI 911 for any Luigi fans. Feeling like a Princess? Then how about a plate fit for Princess Peach?… PEA 6H. Or what about a gamer plate? We’ve got GAM 33R for sale which is pretty awesome! We’ve also got GAM 813R and GAM 3S available.

Not a Nintendo fan? No worries!

We’ve got plates for all gamers! If you love your PlayStation then how about one of our P54 plates such as P54 LMS or P54 SAT? Prefer the Xbox? You could have X1 XBO or X10 XBO.

Want your new plates now but don’t have the cash?

So you’ve just spent your savings on the latest console and the plate you want costs just a little more than you have available. You could wait and save up, but what if someone else wants that great plate and buys it first? The answer is easy. Purchase your plate with our interest free finance option and you can secure your plate now and pay for it later – perfect!