It’s-A Me! Mario!

Christmas Day is fun, your birthday is great, but today is the funnest day of the year, it’s Mario Day! The tenth of March is Mario Day! Why? Well take a closer look… MAR 10 – get it! Well if Star Wars can have May the 4th, then Mario can surely have March 10th.

Mario is no doubt the most famous plumber in the entire world. With his red M cap and his dungarees, he never gets fed up when yet again Princess Peach goes and gets herself kidnapped and locked up in a castle. Nope, he just calls for his brother Luigi, jumps on Yoshi and sets off to rescue her… again.

So how are you going to celebrate Mario Day? I think spending the day playing Mario games is certainly a day well spent. Get your mates round for a Mario Kart Marathon – can you get round that pesky Rainbow Road without falling off the edge? Or perhaps go retro with one of the older titles such as Super Mario World. Have you still got the skills to conquer those nightmare levels of Star Road?

Of course, no Mario Day would be complete without costumes. Who will you be? Yoshi? Donkey Kong? Toad? Or Mario himself? Persuade your other half to dress as Luigi and you’ll be a fantastic looking duo, don’t forget the moustaches!

Did You Know? Some Marvellous Mario Facts…

  • In the 90s a survey revealed that more children in America recognised Mario than recognised Mickey Mouse.

Since 1995, Mario has been voiced by Charles Martinet, he’s also the voice of Luigi and Wario.

  • Mario has been in more than 200 video games!
  • Mario started out being called Jumpman, as the barrel jumping hero of Donkey Kong.
  • Bowser is a turtle. It’s entirely obvious when you look at him, why did we all think he was some sort of dragon creature?
  • When a series of adult films were released entitled Super Hornio Brothers, Nintendo actually bought the rights to them so they could prevent the films from ever being distributed.
  • Ever wondered why Donkey Kong is so called even though he’s quite obviously a gorilla? The name was chosen to suggest that he was stubborn. Apparently the name was laughed at when it was first thought up, but somehow it stuck.

How about a Super Mario Private Plate?

No self respecting Mario fan would be seen in a car without a Mario plate surely? How about MAR 108S? Or perhaps a Luigi plate such as LUI 911 would be good? If you’re more of a Princess, then how about this plate, perfect for Princess Peach… PEA 6H. Or go over to the dark side with a Wario plate such as WAR 1A.







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