Bring on the Cuddles – It’s Love Your Pet Day! 

Speedy Reg - Love your pet day number plates
Love you Pet Day – Speedyreg

Of course you love the fluffiest members of your family every day, but today it’s time to make an extra special effort for your furry friends. So it’s time to pamper the pooches and cuddle those kitties.

Give your pets a treat, an extra long walk, their favourite food or a new toy. You know what they love the most! Don’t forget to post some photos on social media so we can all take a look at your pets. You can’t have too many pictures of pets on Facebook can you?

If you haven’t got a pet, then why not take the time to visit a friend with a pet, or volunteer at an animal rescue centre. It’s also the perfect day to make a donation of money or food, or even old towels and blankets. Give a little thought to those pets in shelters who don’t get as much love as they deserve. If you’ve been thinking about getting a pet, then why not make that a reality and bring  home a bundle of furry joy to love on Love Your Pet Day!

Purrfect Pet facts

  • Cats can make more than a hundred different vocal sounds, dogs can only make around ten.
  • Most hamsters only blink with one eye at a time.
  • Horses use their ears to point to things.
  • Goldfish can recognise faces.
  • Dogs don’t have appendixes.
  • The heart of a bird beats 400 times a minute at rest.
  • In the US, ferrets are the third most popular pet after cats and dogs.

Our pick of the pet plates

Celebrate your love of pets on Love Your Pet Day with a new private plate. We’ve got plates for all pet lovers. Here are some suggestions, but if your pet isn’t listed here, just visit our site and see what you can find for yourself by putting your pet into our search box.

Cat plates

22 CAT

456 CAT



Dog plates





Horse plates


HOR 533Y

HOR 553S

HOR 553Y

Rabbit plates


RAB 175Y


BUN 113Y

Other pet plates

Rat –8 RAT

Mouse – MOU 721E

Tarantula – SP18 DER

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