Bringing a little winter sunshine – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 13

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Have you been avidly checking Netflix for the new season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Well it’s finally here, giving us a little respite from the miserable winter weather. The perfect time of year to binge on our favourite shows.

The great thing about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is that each series is as good as the last, since it began way back in 2005. It’s so annoying when you find a great show you love, only to be disappointed as it slowly gets less entertaining as the seasons go by. This is so not the case with the quirky It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia that manages to keep our interest and continue to amuse and bemuse in equal measures.

If you’ve never seen this show, then why not give it a go? You’re lucky, you’ve got 13 seasons to catch up on! The rather dysfunctional bunch of characters own an Irish bar in Philadelphia, and that’s the basis of the show. You’ll hate them as much as you love them, and you’re sure to laugh a lot!

The pilot episode was made on a budget of just $200! It just goes to show what can be done with a good idea. The show was a hit, and then Danny DeVito joined the cast and the budget increased somewhat!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Fun Facts!

  • When you see Dee run into a car in Season 4, that’s no stunt double, in fact the cast often perform their own stunts. However, the resulting injury ended up with her having several appointments with a chiropractor!
  • Danny DeVito was convinced to join the show because his kids really loved watching it.
  • The concept for the show came from a nightmare that Rob McElhenney had.

What on earth are they saying at the end?

If you watch the credits, there’s a rather confusing moment when you hear what sounds like gibberish. This is actually Day, McElhenny, and Howerton speaking backwards. Can’t work out what they’re saying? Find out below…

Season 1: “You’re stupid for playing this forward.” 

Season 2: “Is a brown, is a brown, is a brown. – Good work.” 

Season 3: “Make it brown.” 

Season 4: “Clown baby, brown clown baby, brown clown baby.” 

Season 5: “Next stop – brown town.

“A Very Sunny Christmas”: “Sorry for wasting your time and money, but thanks for your money.”

Season 6: “BROWN – now in HD” 

Season 7: “Seven seasons of brown.” 

Season 8: “The brownings will continue.” 

Season 9: “The eagle’s born out of thunder.” 

Season 10: “They got chicken in Philly.” 

Season 11: “Brown is awesome.” 

Season 12: “I’m on the brown train.”

So now you know! Or should that be !wonk uoy won oS?