Cold Feet Back on ITV – Series 8!

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The new series of Cold Feet is now showing on ITV, with the first episode airing on Tuesday January 8th, there will be six new episodes in total this series.

The last series ended back in October 2017 and if you can remember that far back, you’ll recall that series 7 ended with Adam and Tara splitting up after the affair with Sarah, and Jenny and Pete conquered their bad patch and renewed their wedding vows. The new series will continue with all the old cast members making a return, along with a hard-hitting sensitive cancer scare storyline. There’ll also be plenty of laughs along the way too though. That’s what we love about Cold Feet, it’s gripping, it’s emotional, but it also makes you smile along the journey! We’ve heard that there’s an episode coming up that’s set at a festival. Apparently it rained all through filming so this will definitely be one to look forward to, it sounds hilarious!

Cold Feet Trivia

Did you know…

  • The series was originally supposed to be set in London, but it worked out cheaper to film it in Manchester.
  • The Welsh town of Portmeirion, made famous by the Cult 60s series The Prisoner features in some episodes of Cold Feet. It’s the place where Rachel is married, and ultimately, where her ashes were scattered.
  • Original drafts of series 6 included a rather peculiar character – the ghost of Rachel! However the role was removed from the show after Helen Baxendale refused to play the part.
  • Helen Baxendale was of course previously in Friends, playing Ross’s wife, however Cold Feet creator Mike Bullen hated the show. Luckily it didn’t work against her!

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