It’s Boxing Day!

Well that’s it. Christmas done and dusted for another year. How are you feeling about it? Did you want the festivities to keep going? Did Christmas creep up on you and you feel as if you haven’t eaten enough mince pies or heard enough Christmas songs yet? Or perhaps you’re glad it’s over and you’re itching to take the tree down and start thinking about booking a summer holiday.

Will you be hitting the sales? They’ll all be starting today, all those gifts you bought will now rather annoyingly be half price, or perhaps you’re returning presents that just weren’t quite as perfect as expected?

If you want to snap up a bargain, it’s a great time to do it, perhaps it’s time for a new television, or you want to stock up on cheap wrapping paper for next Christmas? You might have to be quick though as the really good deals are soon gone. Not so at Speedy Reg though! We don’t have a Boxing Day sale, instead we prefer to offer you great deals and extra low prices all year round, so you can choose at your leisure, safe in the knowledge that our prices won’t suddenly go up. Of course your perfect plate might not hang around forever, so if you spot a plate you love, it’s wise to buy it while it’s available, you never know who else might have their eye on it!

Researching your next private plate is a nice relaxing activity for Boxing Day, warm and cosy in your own home rather than out in the cold traipsing around the shops. You could pick up that plate you’ve had your eye on for ages, to make up for those disappointing Christmas presents, or if you’ve blown the budget over Christmas, you may prefer to check out our cheap plates section. Did you know our plates start from just £10? We’ve got plates to suit all budgets, with many available for £25 and £49 as well of course as many more pricier plates that are truly stunning and are sure to turn heads! So forget the sales and explore a world of private plates. You’ll have fun typing in your name or other words or numbers that mean something to you. It’s quite addictive, even if you’re not actually thinking about a new plate just now, you can have some fun seeing what’s out there!