Spread the word – it’s World Vegan Day!

World Vegan Day is the first day of World Vegan Month, have you signed the pledge yet? If you’d like to change your diet to be better for the planet, harm no animals and perhaps give your health a boost too, why not join in and pledge to eat a plant-based vegan diet for 30 days?

Why a vegan diet is good for you…

It’s great for weight loss

If you’ve been struggling to lose a few extra pounds, joining in with World Vegan Month could actually be the answer you’re looking for as most vegan diets are much lower in calories than diets that include meat and dairy. Get a free hypnosis weight loss script and start on the journey to weight loss.

It can prevent diabetes and heart disease

A vegan diet can help to lower your blood sugar levels and so can help to prevent diabetes. It also reduces your risk of heart disease.

It’s higher in a variety of nutrients

When you take meat and dairy products out of your diet, and increase your intake of fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, you’ll be getting a lot of extra nutrients. Studies show that a vegan diet is higher in fibre and antioxidants than other diets, and you’ll also get plenty of minerals and vitamins too.

It could help to protect you against cancer

Recent research has shown that a diet that is rich in vegetables and fruit can actually lower your risks of cancer.

Sound interesting?

Whether you’re going vegan due to animal welfare issues, or you’re looking to improve your health and well being, sign the pledge to go vegan free here. Why not get your friends and family involved too?

Already given meat the heave-ho?

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