So Long and Thanks for all the Sun!

For once we’ve had a pretty decent summer haven’t we? It was roasting hot for the Royal Wedding, the sun shone on the World Cup and we had plenty of opportunities to get out in the garden and enjoy a barbecue! We’ve certainly been lucky with the weather this year.

So with all those fond summer memories fresh in our minds, we say farewell to summer and hello to autumn! The temperatures may be cooler, but there’s certainly a lot of fun to be had in autumn. With the leaves turning beautiful shades of orange and red, it’s time to get out and about for a walk, wrap up warm and go and jump on those fallen leaves! Take a trip to a wood or arboretum, then get cosy in front of the fire with a good film and a mug of hot chocolate.

Keep the sunshine all year round with a new SUN registration

Of course, you may not be quite ready to give up on the summer sunshine just yet, and there’s one way you can have the sun with you every day. How? Well with a SUN private plate of course! If you’re a sun worshipper then you’ll love these plates, and if you like a bargain, then you’ll love them even more when you discover we have a huge selection of SUN plates for just £199! For example, if you’d like AU02 SUN, CU51 SUN or DU02 SUN you can order any of these for just £199 plus VAT and transfer fee. That’s a saving that’s sure to brighten up your day!

Dare we mention Christmas?

Yes we know it’s still a way off, but putting your mind to your Christmas shopping now, can save you a lot of hassle later! Have you ever considered giving a private plate as a Christmas gift? Personalised gifts are big business, but we don’t tend to think about giving private plates as presents. But, with every registration plate being truly unique, it’s an amazing gift to give and buying plates for other people really isn’t complicated. With prices starting at just £30 they also don’t have to cost a fortune. Not sure which plates to buy? Then take the easy option and simply give Speedy Reg gift vouchers, then your friends and family can have the fun of choosing their new plates for themselves!