Be Nice to your Boss – It’s Boss’s Day!

Do you have a nice boss? A boss that’s not too, well, bossy! Luckily here at Speedy Reg we have a fabulous boss. However, since he discovered the existence of Boss’s Day, he’s certainly made the most of it. He’ll come waltzing in, demanding a cup of green tea be made for him, expecting us to tell him just how wonderful he is. We don’t mind too much, but we’re glad it’s only Boss’s Day once a year! Boss’s Day actually began back in 1958 and was started by a secretary who wanted to show her appreciation for her boss, who also happened to be her father. Why October 16th? This was his birthday! Over the decades the day has slowly grown in popularity and now you can even buy Boss’s Day cards and gifts.

Go on, do something lovely for your boss!

Why not get everyone to sign a card for your boss as a little thank you for being great, or just for not being awful? Don’t forget, it’s not too long now until Christmas, they might just remember this kind gesture when it comes to Christmas bonus time! Bring in cake, have a little work’s do after hours, or decorate their desk with balloons! There’s always something you can do to make your boss feel a little bit more special on this day!

The ultimate gift for your boss

It’s nice to treat your boss on Boss’s Day, grab them a sandwich while you’re out, perhaps splash out on a personalised mug with a photo of the team on. Or, for the best Boss’s Day gift ever (great if you’re hankering after a pay rise or promotion) a private plate! You could order them B0S 805S or B0S 555Y!

Have your own Award Ceremony for Boss’s Day

If you have several bosses, then this could be a busy day! Why not have your own office Award Ceremony and vote for the Best Dressed Boss, Funniest Boss or Bossiest Boss! Don’t forget to create ‘official’ certificates to hand out! But do be kind, one day you could be the boss!

A Public Thank You!

Making a point to say thank you to your boss in public is a really nice gesture. That may be in a meeting, on social media or… on a blog post! So we’d just like to give a little mention to our rather marvellous boss Des and say thank you very much for making our workplace a great place to be! Your next cuppa is being made as we speak, in your favourite mug.

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