Where’s Bond? Check out our Secret Agent WHZ 1007 plate!

It’s that exciting time again when the new number plate prefix is released in Omagh. The latest release is WHZ which we think is going to be really popular as it quite obviously says ‘Where’s’. We’re really loving the plate WHZ 1007 for anyone searching for the mysterious James Bond!

In celebration of this fab plate, we’ve gathered together some of the more curious Bond facts for you…

  • On average, James Bond takes a drink every 10 minutes and 53 seconds. It’s a wonder he can do anything!
  • The gun used by James Bond, the Walter PPK, was the same model that Hitler used to kill himself.
  • Roger Moore actually has a phobia of guns!
  • When Jaws bites through a chain in The Spy Who Loved Me, the chain was actually made of liquorice!
  • 15 BMWs died during the filming of Tomorrow Never Dies
  • Bond has been shot at over 5000 times.

Being a new addition, we’ve got absolutely loads of great WHZ plates available, so if you fancy one, now is the time to order as you can take your pick from all the fab WHZ plates we have for sale!

At the time of writing, our WHZ 1007 plate is still for sale, but there are plenty more to choose from too. You may like the very cool WHZ 1001 or perhaps WHZ 1010 or even WHZ 1011? You might also find one with a memorable date on. Maybe your birthday, your wedding date, or the date of birth of a child. Perhaps November 1999 was an important month for you? Then you could snap up WHZ 1199. We’ve got loads in this format such as WHZ 1191, WHZ 1188, WHZ 1168, WHZ 1171… well you get the idea! To see the entire list of WHZ plates available, just type WHZ into the search box on our site and you’ll be able to peruse the lot and find the one that means something to you. WHZ the search box? It’s that yellow number plate at the top of our site, you can’t miss it!

Prices start at just £99 for these WHZ plates so they’re very good value for money. They’re also dateless, so if you’re looking for cheap plate to hide the age of your older vehicle, this could be the perfect way to do it!