Royal Baby Name Revealed!

We’re very excited to learn that the royal baby has been named Louis Arthur Charles! What a lovely name! His official title will be Prince Louis of Cambridge. Baby Louis was born on St George’s Day, which would have made George the perfect name, but of course his older brother is already named George!

Why pick the name Louis?

Well one theory is that he is named after Lord Louis Mountbatten, a close friend of the Royal Family, particularly of Price Charles. Lord Mountbatten was assassinated by the IRA back in 1979. Louis is also one of Prince George’s middle names.

The name Louis will no doubt surge up the popularity charts!

We are sure there will be a big increase in babies called Louis now, and perhaps it will be also bring the name Arthur back into fashion! If you’ve already got a private plate that says Louis, then you could be on to a good thing there as it could well increase in value. Number plates are a great investment that can make you a profit while bringing you years of enjoyment, and sometimes you can get lucky with a plate that suddenly becomes even more popular, such as a Louis plate!

Looking for a Louis plate?

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