Been Waiting for the new Craig David album? The Time is Now!

Yes, now is the time for The Time is Now, the eagerly awaited new album from Craig David. This is Craig’s seventh album and it’s going to be a good one if the first singles from the album are anything to go by. Heartline was released on September 14th last year and I Know You featuring Bastille on 23rd November, We’ve been playing them both a lot here at the Speedy Reg offices. His last album Following My Intuition got to Number 1 in the album charts and we think The Time is Now is set to go the same way.

He’s been full of creativity lately and recording loads of new material, that’s how The Time is Now came about. Suddenly he realised he actually had enough songs ready for a whole new album. The album is packed full of guest artists including Bastille, Kaytranada, GoldLink and AJ Tracey. If you haven’t already got this new album on pre-order then you should probably rush and get it now!

Love to see Craig David live? Then there are two dates to put in your diary. Craig will be playing a concert at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool on Friday 15th June and at Newmarket Racecourse on Friday 20th July.

Craig David Fact File:

  • Craig ADORES chocolate.
  • Which makes it no surprise that his favourite film is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
  • He once ran a nightclub in his own living room.
  • Craig is famous for his fit, sexy body, but he was bullied as a child for being overweight.
  • He says that Brad Pitt and David Beckham are both ‘hot’.
  • Craig is addicted to trainers. He’ll buy several pairs of the same trainers and he has a special closet for them all.

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