TAY 70R – The Perfect Plate for Taylor Swift?

13th December is Taylor Swift’s birthday and we think our TAY 70R plate would make the perfect birthday present for her!

Despite her young age, Taylor has achieved a lot including 10 Grammy Awards, an Emmy, 19 American Music Awards and whole host of Country Music Awards.

She’s loved music, particularly country music all her life, and started learning guitar and writing her own songs at the tender age of 12. Taylor had a lot of support from her parents, they even relocated to Tennessee when her career started to take off. That support has certainly paid off as Taylor is now famous worldwide, both as a singer-songwriter and also as an occasional actress.

Her musical influences are wide reaching, from the Dixie Chicks to Stevie Nicks and Paul McCartney to Britney Spears. This eclectic musical background shines through in her own mix of pop, rock and country music.

Taylor Swift Fascinating Facts…

  • As a child, Taylor lived on a Christmas Tree farm.
  • Taylor’s favourite number is 13. Unlucky for some but not for Taylor.
  • Her favourite food is cheesecake – yummy!
  • She once won a national poetry contest, her poem was called ‘Monster in my Closet’.
  • She is the voice of Audrey in The Lorax.
  • Her favourite books are To Kill a Mockingbird and The Hunger Games, she also loves a good mystery.
  • She is the youngest person ever to win a Grammy for Album of the Year.
  • Taylor is also the biggest selling digital artist of all time.
  • Her song ‘Never Too Far Away’ is about her cousin.
  • Taylor could afford to buy the most expensive gold jewellery, but she actually prefers to wear silver.
  • She has a phobia about beetles.
  • Taylor is a massive Disney fan.
  • She was named after singer James Taylor.
  • Her favourite colour is blue.

We think she’d love our TAY 70R plate, but she might also like one of our many TS plates, they’re pretty stunning, and certainly wouldn’t look out of place on the car of any celebrity. We’ve got lots to choose from too such as 21 TS, 59 TS, 79 TS and 88 TS. These plates are fantastic for anyone with the intials TS. Taylor’s middle name is Alison, so she could also pick out plate with all her initials on such as TAS 16, TAS 414, TAS 7T, TAS 7E or TAS 11A.