It’s Brad Pitt’s Birthday! Many Happy Returns!

Brad Pitt turns 54 on December 18th  so we’re wishing him a very Happy Birthday. Brad has certainly been in a lot of great films hasn’t he? He rose to fame in 1991 when he starred as a cowboy hitch hiker in Thelma & Louise. Which is your favourite Brad Pitt movie? There’s certainly plenty to choose from. Seven, 12 Monkeys, Interview with the Vampire, Kalifornia, the Ocean’s 11 series, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? And that’s just a handful of award winning films he’s played a major role in.

Not only is he an acclaimed actor, but he’s also an Academy Award winning producer. So, he’s a talented actor, an accomplished producer and also so good looking he’s been voted the sexiest man alive! Some people have all the luck don’t they?

He’s also a pretty interesting guy. Here are some facts about Brad Pitt that you probably don’t know…

  • At school he was known as Brad the Pitt-Bull
  • He was once so skint he ended up sleeping on Melissa Etheridge’s sofa.
  • He once worked as a dancing mascot for a restaurant.
  • He was also a chauffeur for strippers!
  • In 1989 he starred in an advert for Pringles.
  • Brad was in five episodes of Dallas and it was during this time he had his first on-screen kiss.
  • After starring in the film Seven Years in Tibet, Brad was banned from entering China due to the controversy surrounding the subject of the film.
  • Brad actually had his front teeth chipped by a dentist for his role as Tyler Durden in Fight Club. He had them fixed after filming had finished.
  • He spent a day in a psychiatric ward to help him with his role in Twelve Monkeys.
  • When Brad broke his arm during the filming of Seven, the director wrote his injury into the storyline so it wouldn’t stop filming.
  • Brad speaks Japanese.
  • He has a condition called prosopagnosia which means he doesn’t remember faces.
  • Brad is the ninth cousin of Barack Obama.

With everything he’s accomplished, we think Brad deserves a new private plate. Perhaps he would like BRA 6S? Or maybe a plate with his initials on such as 155 BP or 67 BP.