6 Ways to Customise Your Truck: Truck Number Plates, Paint Job & more

customise your truck

There’s nothing cooler on the motorway than a customised truck. If you own a truck, surely you want to make it look as outstanding as possible? Here are some ways to make your truck stand out from the crowd…

Get a show stopping paint job

Getting your truck repainted is well worth it. If you’ve bought your truck second hand, you might already have had to paint over the logo of the former owner, so it’s a good opportunity to do something really special. Why not go wild with flames or some mean looking tribal style artwork? You’ll find loads of inspiration online.

Add some serious fog lights

A row of fog lights will look amazing. Position them on your front bumper, or add them to a roll bar over the cab to look really stunning.

Bring on the chrome

Super shiny chrome just looks so much better than dull metal. Swap out your parts for chrome and give them a good regular polish up.

Make your own customised mud flaps

If you’re on a budget, a cheap addition to your truck is to make your own customised mud flaps. Buy a set of plain mud flaps and then order some car stickers in a design of your choice and stick them on. It’s very simple to do and if you buy stickers meant for car bodywork, they’ll be pretty robust and last a long time.

Light up the cab

Add LED lights to the inside of your cab and not only will you have a cab that looks really cool, you’ll be able to create a warm cosy glow on those long night trips. LED strip lights can be bought quite cheaply and they’re fairly easy to install. Why not go for colour changing lights, complete with remote control so you can adjust the lighting to suit your mood!
Get a personalised registration plate

No customised vehicle is complete without a personalised registration plate. Get yours now at Speedy Reg. Prices start at just £40 and we’ve got a massive selection to choose from. Type your name, truck name or nickname into our search engine and you’ll be amazed at the choice you’ve got!

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