Calling all Truckers! Get your Personalised Registration Plates Here!

Calling all Truckers

If you own a truck, then you probably take a lot of pride in it. Everyone loves to see the big trucks on the road, and those that have been customised always stand out from the crowd. In my opinion the more chrome and lights on a truck the better!

Of course the perfect addition to a customised truck is a private plate. No truck is complete without one! Everyone who sees it will know who’s behind the wheel if your plate has got your name on it. Of course if you drive a fleet truck, one of many that all look identical, a private plate will help you to pick it out quickly when you’re off on a journey too.

Any trucker would love to own TRV 1K which we have available for just £1825. We’ve also got plates to suit any name, so if you’re a Dave you could have DAV 3E. We’ve got BOB 3 for Bob and 88 TOM for Tom. Of course there are plenty of female truckers out there too, and we’ve got plates for you as well, plates such as 16 SUE and 6 EM. Or maybe your truck has a name of its own? Whether you call your truck Kylie (KYL 111E) or Pam (12 PAM) we’ve got a plate for you!

To find your perfect trucking plate, just type your name into our search engine and take your pick from the results. You’ll find a great plate that will really make your truck look fantastic, turning heads wherever you go!

We have a wide range of payment options, including interest free finance. Any problems or questions then just give us a call!