Personalised Number Plates for All Budgets

Number Plates for all Budgets

Number Plates for all Budgets

We really do have number plates to suit every budget. Whether you’re a millionaire just looking for the best plate you can find, money no object, or you simply want the cheapest plate possible, perhaps a dateless plate to hide the age of your older vehicle, we’ve got it all here at Speedy Reg!

Whatever budget you set yourself we’ve got the perfect plate for you. If you’re looking for a cheap plate, then let me recommend a couple of places to start searching. First, you might want to check out our Cheap Plates page. Here we list all our reduced price and lowest price plates, great for bargain hunters! You’ll find it here:

You can select your budget here, so even if you’ve only got £40 to spend on your new plate, you’ll still find you’ve got plenty of choice.

The other way to search for a cheap plate is to select Dateless Plates when you’re using our search engine. Now, this might seem odd, you’d think that dateless plates would be more expensive than those that give away the age of your car, but if you take a look, you’ll discover that actually they’re not. Most of our very cheapest plates are actually dateless as well as being a terrific bargain. The secret to this is that many of these cheap dateless plates are Northern Ireland plates and we are able to offer these plates at some amazing prices. For example, we’ve got thousands of these plates for just £40-50. We are specialists in transferring these Irish plates to UK vehicles and so we can make the process very easy for you and as quick as possible. It’s a great way to get a cheap plate and it’s a fantastic way to disguise the age of your car without having to spend loads of cash to do it.

Hunting for your new number plate is great fun, it can be very exciting when you spot a plate that is just right for you. Maybe it represents your name, or perhaps it really made you smile as soon as you saw it. Sometimes you just find that plate that you simply have to have. However, it can be annoying when it’s over your budget. Don’t worry though, you can take advantage of our finance option available during the checkout process. It’s interest free and it’s very easy to do, just select this option at the checkout and fill out your details. You’ll then have a couple of forms to print, sign and return, then we’ll get your new plates to you asap and you can spread the cost. Very handy!

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