Cherished Number Plates Make the Ultimate Personalised Gifts

Ultimate Personalised Gifts

Ultimate Personalised Gifts

I love personalised gifts. I think it shows you’ve put some extra thought into a present, it hasn’t been a list minute dash to the shops because you’ve forgotten some special event! I love receiving them too. Anything with my name on always makes me smile and you can get some amazing personalised gifts these days.

There’s one personalised gift that’s my absolute favourite to give though, and that’s a cherished plate. It’s perhaps not something you’d usually think of when it comes to presents, but it really is the ultimate personalised gift because of course no two are the same!

I’ve given cherished plates as presents a few times now and they never fail to amaze. People can’t believe you’ve got them something so brilliant! A lot of people don’t own private plates because they think they are very expensive, so when you give them one for their birthday or Christmas they are dumbstruck!

The thing is though, private plates often work out cheaper than other personalised gifts. Last year I was looking for a wedding present. I’d just about settled on a pair of champagne flutes with the couple’s names engraved on them. I know they love a glass of fizzy so I thought this would be appropriate for them and something they’d actually use. They were quite expensive, not something I’d ever buy for myself, but when it’s a wedding present it’s nice to get something a bit special but I was still dubious. A couple of glasses doesn’t look like much, and it was a lot of money to be spending, and what if someone else came up with the same idea?

Then it came to me, of course, the truly perfect gift that probably no one else would think of, is a private plate! I got pretty lucky as I managed to get their initials and numbers that represented their wedding date for a really good price. This perfect gift that I was so pleased with turned out to cost me half the price of those Champagne glasses I’d been looking at!

The couple were so thrilled, they still mention it now when I see them. Of course, you never forget a private plate you’ve been given as a gift as you see it every day! It’s certainly worth thinking about next time you’re looking for a really special gift!