Registrations to suit all types of vehicles


If you can’t find a suitable registration to fit with your name why not consider a plate to suit your vehicle. We have many types of registration to choose from and we even cater for specific makes of vehicle. For example if you are lucky enough to own a Porsche 911 you will find plenty of 911 registrations to choose from such as MJI 911, or LUI 911 (great if your name is Louise or Lewis). If your budget doesn’t stretch as far as a 911 plate then why not consider a 9119 number or another alternative. MIG 9113 would set you back just £350 plus the fees or PFZ 9114 just £250, which is very reasonable for a 911 number.  If you are a Porsche enthusiast an excellent registration for you would be SPY 80X, which makes up two models of Porsche- the Spyder and the Boxter.

Jaguar owners can choose from a selection of JAG numbers including 9 JAG or on the cheaper end of the scale W600 JAG or if you have a Jaguar X20 the best plate for your vehicle would be X20 JAG.

For BMW owners Speedy Reg have a large selection of BMW registrations such as 423 BMW, S333 BMW for someone who has a BMW 3 Series or if your name is Pete why not consider P44 BMW.   Mercedes owners might like an MBZ number such as MBZ 31 or if you are on a budget there are many four digits to choose from such as MBZ 7658 at £450 plus the fees. There are also BNZ numbers, which can be taken as Benz for example BNZ 81 or on the cheaper end of the scale BNZ 7238.

As you can see Speedy Reg cater for everyone not just for peoples names and nicknames we think of everything when selecting our registrations to offer to the public. Its not just top of the range sports cars that we think about. We also offer registrations to Figaro owners, in fact we work closely with the Figaro owner’s club who keep us up to date with all that’s happening in the world of Figaro. Have you ever noticed the FIG registrations? The majority of these have been purchased from Speedy Reg and the great thing is that the FIG registration is dateless so perfect for a historic or older vehicle.

We also have registrations to suit motorcycles, most notably the Harley Davidson. Otherwise know as a ‘Hog’ Speedy Reg often have enquiries about Hog registrations and there are many to choose from. The ultimate Hog number would be 5 HOG or on the cheaper end of the scale you have R27 HOG or cheaper again you could have a current style HOG number with your initials at the beginning and ending in HOG.

Remember if you cannot find the registration you are looking for on our website, if you are unsure about age restrictions with registrations or you have never purchased a registration before and would like to know what happens why not give us a call