GIL registrations – get them before they’re gone


Irish registrations are becoming increasingly popular with motorists who either wish to disguise the age of their vehicle or perhaps just have a nice number that looks a little different. Many Irish registrations also make up great names or surnames for example GAZ for Gary, BAZ for Barry or GIL for Gillian or the surname Gill.

If you have just bought a really nice second hand car in excellent condition chances are you will want to disguise its age. Especially if its an expensive one like a Porsche, Mercedes or Bentley. You can do this with an Irish registration and you don’t have to spend a fortune on a cover number. Speedy Registrations have hundreds of cheap cover numbers starting from just £40.00 plus the VAT and DVLA fees.

If you would like something a little more exclusive or perhaps something that suits your name or surname we have many to choose from. One popular combination is our GIL numbers particularly the more exclusive single and double digit numbers. These are selling like hotcakes in the current market and chances are due to supply and demand their market value will increase in recent months. So if you are the proud owner of a GIL single or double digit registration you have an excellent investment in your possession.

If your name is Gillian or surname is Gill and you would like a GIL registration to complete the look of your vehicle or perhaps even just as an investment why not look at the wide selection we have on offer. I you don’t have a huge budget you could always go for a 4 digit number, which you will find on Speedy Reg’s site from £690 plus the fees.

If your budget is higher or if perhaps you wanted to pay through finance there are many more to choose from such as GIL 67 priced at £3200 plus the fees, GIL 188 at £2200 plus the fees or GIL 535 at £1600 plus the fees.

If you have a GIL registration that you wish to sell or have valued why not give us a call. Our valuations team have 30 years experience and being from Northern Ireland have excellent knowledge in all Irish registrations. The GIL registration originates from County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland (where Speedy Reg hail from) and therefore you will not find a more accurate valuation anywhere else on the market.