Personalised Number Plates for all Budgets

PersonalisedPlates_01 When you’re out and about and you spot a car with a private plate, what do you think? Do you perhaps presume that the driver is rich? Personalised plates are expensive, they’re an extravagance that only people with cash to burn can afford right? Well there’s a little secret that a lot of private plate owners won’t want you to know. If you buy your personalised number plates from Speedy Reg, you can pick them up for as little as £40! So you really don’t need to be a celebrity, or a millionaire business tycoon to own private plates. Here at Speedy Reg we know that everyone has their own budget. We have some customers, who are lucky enough to be able to afford any plate they like, regardless of cost, but most of us have a certain amount of money we want to spend. Now that sum will be different from person to person, so we do like to have a really wide range of plates, so whether you’re looking to spend £100, £1000 or £10,000 you’ll always have plenty of plates to choose from. We think we’ve achieved this very well, we never get complaints about having too little choice, on the contrary, the only complaints we’ve ever had is that there is too much choice! That’s why we developed our brilliant search engine. It’s easy to use and it stops you being overwhelmed with too many options! Just visit our website at and you’ll spot the search facility straight away at the top of the home page. Just put in a word or numbers of your choice and you’ll be instantly shown various plates that might be suitable for you. You can narrow it down further still, for instance, if you are working to a budget, you can put your budget in and you’ll only see the plates you can afford. Well, we know it can be annoying if you’ve got £400 to spend, and you see the perfect plate but the price tag is £4,000! If you have a preference for the type of plate you want, you can select that too. This includes our dateless plates which are ideal if you’re looking to hide the age of an older vehicle. Select dateless and you’ll only be shown plates that won’t give away the age of your car. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry that you won’t get a great personalised plate. We’ve got some amazing bargain plates. One tip, if you’re on a bit of a budget, is to look at our Irish plates. Not only are they dateless, which is always a bonus if your car isn’t the latest model, but they’re often shorter in length, giving them a really cool look for a fraction of the cost of other short plates. In case you’re concerned, Irish plates are 100% legal to use in the UK and we’re experts at transferring them, so it won’t be a difficult procedure for you. They’re definitely a great starting point if you’re looking for a good bargain. If you’re a real bargain hunter, then you should also check out our sale page at , we’ve got hundreds of plates reduced in price with some massive savings. This list is updated frequently, so it’s worth bookmarking it and checking back often to see the latest deals. You might be able to snap up your perfect plate at a bargain price!