Create your name with a DVLA registration



There are many ways to create your very own personalised registration, however you must stick to the guidelines in order to create a registration. If you are hoping to make up a registration to suit your name or the name of a loved one you cannot just make up a combination for example if your name is Steve you cannot have a number plate reading 5T3V3 as this is not a legal combination.

The registration you choose must be a legal DVLA approved combination such as a Suffix style, which has 3 letters at the beginning then one to three numbers followed by a letter so for example if your name was Peter Brown your perfect registration would be PET 312B ( the 312 can stand for an E and R).

It is not always easy to find a registration to fit your name in its entirety especially if it is quite a common name and chances are if you can find one to suit it will be quite expensive.

There other ways to create your name using various number and letter combinations in the approved DVLA forms such as Prefix style or the newer Current style. You just have top know where the letters and numbers fall within the different styles of registration and you should be able to easily create something to suit.

If you cannot find something to suit your name how about looking for a Personalised registration to suit your surname, your initials or your nickname. If for example your name is Sharon, chances are you wont be able to afford the £32,000 price tag for SHA 120N, however as a cheaper alternative you could go for a Shaz number such as EM05 HAZ if your surname happens to be Emo you can get this DVLA current style registration for £199 plus VAT plus Transfer fee.

If you are struggling to come up with a suitable match and you have tried all options by using the search on our website why not give us a call. Perhaps one of our expert sales team can come up with something suitable that you haven’t already thought of. There is also the option of a dateless Irish registration. These can also be suitable for nicknames, for example if your name is Barry a BAZ registration might just be up your street.

Here at Speedy Reg we don’t like to send our customers away empty handed and disappointed so we will always do our utmost to find you the perfect registration. It may not always be possible to create exactly what you are looking for, however we will find you a suitable alternative taking into account your budget, age of vehicle and we will always explain the transfer procedure so that you know  exactly what you need to do.

If you are worried about how to do the transfer; don’t! We will do the transfer for you and unlike other registration dealers we won’t charge you for this service. Just check our review centre on Trust Pilot. The reviews speak for themselves.