Find your perfect DVLA registration

DVLA Registrations

Have you always wanted your very own personalised registration? If so there is no better time to get one than at Christmas time. If it is something you have always wanted you could ask your family members to pull together and purchase it for you. You could always drop hints as to what you are looking for and point them in the right direction.

Finding the perfect Christmas gift is often difficult so if you can point your loved ones in the right direction this will make life a whole lot easier.

The Speedy Reg website is an excellent tool for creating your own DVLA registration for example if your name is Ryan John O’Kane and you have a small budget simply click on the ‘current style’ tab on our website enter your letters and numbers and our website will give you all the options available. You will need to be careful as current style DVLA registrations are all age related so make sure you have the correct age of vehicle before you process your order. Our website will notify you of the appropriate age before you purchase.

As an example if Ryan John O’Kane’s vehicle was registered after the 1st March 2002 he could select RJ02 ROK however if his vehicle is older than this he will have to look into an older style registration such as a prefix style. An alternative could be R99 ROK, which he may find more appealing than a DVLA current style registration.

If you are looking for a personalised registration for a Christmas gift and are confused by what you can and cant have or are struggling to find something suitable why not give our sales team a call. They may be able to find you something you hadn’t already thought of or suggest alternatives to suit your budget.