Vinyl Wrapping – the latest trend

The Latest Trends

We’re loving the trend for vinyl car wrapping. As a private plate owner, you love your car to stand out from the crowd, and vinyl wrapping gives you another opportunity for personalising your vehicle. Digitally printed, you’re basically only limited by your imagination, you can have any colour of the rainbow, or even an entire rainbow! Make your car look like carbon fibre or chrome or cover your vehicle in cartoon characters if that’s your thing!

Of course it’s a great way to decorate your vehicle with advertising for your business. Tie this in with a personalised plate, and your business car or van will certainly draw attention. However, we’re seeing more and more people choosing a vinyl wrap for their car just for the fun of it. Whatever you want, you can get. A pink car with flowers on, or a black car covered in flames. You could have a picture of yourself on your bonnet if you fancied it! Wraps are available for the entire car, or for parts, so you can just have your chosen image on your doors or your boot or bonnet.

Would you have your car vinyl wrapped? What would you have on it?

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