Fancy a new private plate? Why not sell your old one?


If you’ve had your private registration plate for a while now, you might want to have a change and treat yourself to a new one. But what do you do with your old one? Well if you really love it, you can always transfer it to a retention certificate, you don’t have to lose your plates just because you’ve got new ones, but another option is to sell your plates. Perhaps putting the proceeds towards paying for your new plates!


We can help you to sell your plates. Just put your details into our valuation form and we’ll give you an idea of what we think we can get for your plates. You’ll hear from us within a couple of days. Then, if you’d like us to sell your plate, we won’t charge you for advertising or for finding you a buyer, we’ll just take a commission when the plate has sold. If we don’t manage to sell it for you, then you won’t pay a penny.


You can also get a valuation via text. Simply text PLATE and your registration (eg. PLATE A1 ABC) to 80806. You will receive two text messages which will be charged at £1.50 each plus your standard operator costs.