Personalised number plates from £40


Have you taken a look at our prices lately? If you haven’t, you might be surprised to see that you can get a brilliant personalised number plate for as little as £40. We’ve got so many plates in every price range, whatever your budget, you’ll always be spoilt for choice.

Choosing a new personalised plate is a fun process, but it can end up being overwhelming, especially when there’s so much choice as you’ll find on our website. That’s why we’ve tried out best to make the process simple for you, and we think you’ll agree. Our search engine has been specially designed to help you narrow down your choices, while offering you some suggestions you might not have thought of. Visit our site and you’ll see the search box straight away. If you have specific requirements, you find all the options there to get just the plate you want. If you’re not really sure what type of plate you fancy, you can simply input a word or number that means something to you and see what suggestions come up.

However you search for your plate, you’ll have lots of choice and great value for money plates from £40.