Get your pet on a DVLA number plate



We Brits love our pets and some of us love them so much that we are willing to get their names tattooed. If you don’t want to go to the extreme of getting a tattoo then why not consider a DVLA personalised number plate at least this way you wont be left with a permanent scar and you can remove the registration any time you wish.

Pug lovers could have a fabulous PUG registration such as PUG 59D, X33 PUG or MR02 PUG. If you are a dog lover in general we have a selection of Dog numbers such as X700 DOG, P12 DOG and WE03 DOG.

If you are more of a cat person we have lots of cat number plates. The ultimate CAT registration is CAT 1 or if your budget is limited you could have CAT 11S or MR02 CAT. Sheep farmers or beef farmers don’t have to miss out either as  we have a selection of Cow registrations, MOO registrations and even BAA registrations.

If you are having difficulty finding the registration you are looking for or would like some help with suggestions why not give us a call.