Celebrate with a Personalised Number Plate



Are you celebrating a big birthday this year like today’s celebrity birthday girl Kelly Osbourne, who turns 30 today. A personalised number plate is not just a great way to mark the occasion of your birthday but also adds value to your vehicle, and in fact many people retain registrations as investments for the future. Many people purchase numbers with dates or years that relate to their date of birth, obviously this may not suit  everyone if you decided to sell the registration a few years down the line but none the less a registration will never decrease in value.

Let’s take for example your name is Kelly and you drive a BMW X5. The ideal plate for you would be X5 KEL, if you sometimes shorten your name to ‘Kel’ even better. If you cant find a registration that spells your name in full or a suitable registration for your initials you could always try our ‘Clever Search’ option which will give you suggestions for hobby plates or even pet plates.

If all else fails and you just can find something why not give us a call. Our experienced team will think outside the box and perhaps suggest something you never thought of before.