What makes a personalised number plate?



What exactly is it that makes a personalised plate different from an ordinary license plate? The answer really, is choice! A personalised plate is any plate that you have chosen, although of course, you may be lucky and buy a private plate along with a second-hand car, but someone will have chosen it at some point!

Standard plates are issued by the DVLA and you have no choice over the combination of letters and numbers on your plate. You can be assured that it won’t say anything rude or insulting, as they’re very good at sifting out these plates before they are issued, but you are very unlikely to get a plate that has any meaning to you at all.

When you choose a personalised number plate you get loads of choice. The exact personalisation you go for is entirely up to you, that’s what makes it personal of course! You might choose your name, a date or just a word that means something to you, for example, a rather rotund friend of mine has a number plate that has the letters FAT in it! Whatever you choose, it’ll be your plate and it’ll be personal.