How to tax your vehicle


If you’re a new driver, the learning doesn’t stop there, you’ll need to learn plenty more. Those things that other people take for-granted can be daunting the first time, such as filling up with petrol. The first time you do it you might end up with your petrol cap on the wrong side of the car for the pump, you might struggle to open your petrol cap, but you soon get used to it. Another thing you’ll need to do is tax your vehicle, again, once you know how – it’s easy!

You can apply for tax online on the DVLA website, just visit . You’ll need the 11 digit number from your registration certificate (or the 16 digit number from your reminder if it’s a renewal). Then, after the system performs some checks such as checking for MOT, and insurance, you’ll choose to tax your vehicle for either 6 or 12 months, then you can pay online with a card. Your tax disc will be sent out to you by post and should be with you within five working days.

You can also apply for your tax disc via phone on 0300 123 4321 or at your local Post Office. To apply at the Post Office you’ll need to take along your completed V5C (or V11 reminder), your MOT test certificate and your payment. If you live in Northern Ireland, you’ll also need to take along your insurance certificate or cover note.