Traffic Jam inspires private plate purchase



Route 290 in Houston, Texas is well known to commuters for its long traffic jams. Annoying and infuriating to many, one Texan has taken it a step further. While sitting in traffic on a hot day, David Gutierrez was thinking about how awful the road was, how it sucked to sit in traffic in a hot car, day in day out. It was at this moment that he came up for an idea for a great private plate and now he is the proud owner of the plate 290 SUX. At least he may be bringing a smile to the faces of other weary 290 users.

He has become rather famous for his plates and he’s even been called ‘the 290 SUX guy’ in restaurants!

There are plans to widen Route 290 to 8 lanes, so perhaps this will help the congestion and he’ll have to come up with a new idea for his next private plate!