If money was no object…

Number Plates

We all love our private plates, but sometimes we have to compromise, some plates are just over our budget. We’ve been out and about asking you which of the plates you’d choose from Speedy Reg if money was no object…

Emma from Hertfordshire would pick 20 EM. Everyone calls her Em and she’ll be turning 20 this year. We agree it would be the perfect plate for her. Maybe her friends and family can club together to raise the £14,250 needed to buy this prestigious plate.

Colin is a veterinarian and would love to have the plate 8 VET on his car. He thinks that £10,800 for this plate is actually quite a bargain, but it’s not within his budget just now. Get saving up Colin!

We had a surprising result when we asked Tom from Yorkshire, he searched our site and found his perfect plate wasn’t tens of thousands of pounds but was actually available for £50! he found his plate by searching for his wedding date, 2nd February, 1998. The search came up with the plate TNZ 2298 which is utterly amazing as his wife’s name is Zoe! Tom and Zoe 2/2/98!

Image courtesy of vectorolie / FreeDigitalPhotos.net