We have the biggest selection of Cheap Irish Regs

cheap irish regs

Here at Speedy Registrations we have a huge selection of cheap Irish registrations, many of which start from just £40 + VAT + £80 transfer fee. We have the largest selection of cheap Irish numbers on the UK market and will not be beaten on price.

Many of our customers purchase these registrations to hide the age of their vehicle. Irish registrations are in fact dateless and therefore can be transferred to any age of vehicle, which is particularly good for someone who wants to hide the age of their vehicle or simply wants a cherished registration for their older vehicle. We have a vast selection of numbers, which we have transferred to retention simply to ensure a quick transfer for our customers and also to keep them in current circulation as many of them are quite old.

You will find a full list of these registrations on our website however if there is something in particular, which you are looking for just give us a call.