Treat yourself this New Year with a personalised DVLA number plate



Isn’t this awful weather depressing? It’s no wonder many of us feel down in the dumps at this time of year. It’s cold and miserable, Christmas has been and gone and the long winter days seem to drag on forever. January is the perfect month to give yourself a treat, to cheer yourself up and give yourself something to smile about.


Well of course you can splash out on a new pair of trainers, a meal out or a flashy new mobile phone, but personally, we think a new personalised DVLA number plate is the perfect treat. Of course we love personalised plates here at Speedy Reg, so we’re a little bit biased, but the facts also speak for themselves. Unlike a meal out or a pair of trainers a personalised plate will last forever; your mobile phone may impress your mates for a month or two, but soon it’ll be outdated or everyone else will have one just the same. With a personalised plate you’ll turn heads for years to come, and of course as all DVLA number plates are unique, no one else will ever have the same one! Another great reason to buy a personalised license plate is that they very rarely depreciate, so they’re a good investment. You can’t say that about a new TV or a pair of shoes!