PAU 111S registration for Paul Scholes



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Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes is not one for the limelight and you will very rarely see him interviewed on TV. He is one of those traditional old fashioned footballers who simply just want to play the game and only be recognised for that, infact in a rare interview he admitted that an ideal day for him would be to train in the morning, pick his kids up from school, have tea and put them to bed and watch some TV in the evening. You will not find him advertising the latest gadget or find him running around in his underwear or sitting front row at a fashion show.

The team at Speedy Reg wonder how he spends his huge wage ,which admittedly wouldn’t be as much as many of his peers. We are not sure if he has a weakness for fast cars like his former team mate David Beckham. However, we are sure that he has at least one nice car and therefore may be in the market for a nice personalised registration. Although Scholes is not one for the limelight or drawing attention to himself we believe this would be a great registration for his vehicle and a great investment.

If your name is also Paul and your surname begins with S, PAU 111S would be the ideal registration for you so why not give the sales team at Speedy Reg a call to discuss your options.