14 Series Number Plates have been released…..

14 plates

The new 14-Series Number Plates will be issued to all Brand-New vehicles registered on or after the 01st March 2014.  Although many of us would like a 14 Series Registration but may not have a brand new vehicle registered after the 01st March 2014 to transfer the registration onto it, no need to worry as these registrations can be held on a Retention Certificate until you obtain a vehicle of the correct age.

The 14-Series will probably be an extremely sought after combination. The various possible combinations that will be available will be endless. The digits 14 can be substituted for the letters IA or LA.

With this new series, there will be lots of names and surnames becoming available for example


To register your interest in an 14 Series registration please e-mail us on sales@speedyreg.co.uk

What will you have on your number plate this Spring?