Bored of your Satnav voice?



The voice of your satnav device is your constant travelling companion, and it’s easy to get fed up of listening to their voice day in, day out. Luckily you can download new voices for your satnav so you can have a change. You can even have celebrity sound-a-like voices. Take a look at  for example and you’ll find Lloyd Grouseman, a Lloyd Grossman sound-a-like, Chris Tyrant, who of course sounds like Chris Tarrant, and Barry Right, for fans of Barry White. Of course you’re not limited to the voices of real celebrities, you can have ET giving you directions if you like!


There are plenty of comedy voice to help make your journey a little more entertaining. There’s a farmer, a Grandad,  and a crazy professor. For the adults there are also some 18 rated voices, whether you want a sexy lady to seduce you on your journey, or you’d find it funny to have a swearing satnav, you really can get it all! The team at Speedy Reg are big fans!


Photo credit: By The Car Spy (11mb63yrz) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons