Sat Nav’s £115,000 mistake!!!

With more and more of us becoming dependant on the Satnav, it is not surprising that we probably all follow its instructions to arrive at your destination. However when a Foreign Truck Driver followed his Satnav instructions, it cost £115,000!!

Ignoring roadside warning signs, Daniel Gyongyosi turned his 30-ton lorry into this narrow lane, jack-knifing on the tight corner before becoming stuck between Grade I-listed buildings.

As Gyongyosi tried to manoeuvre his rig free, one of the lorry’s tyres exploded causing even more damage. Daniel Gyongyosi, 47, was delivering crates of olive oil to a Waitrose supermarket in Colchester, Essex, when he took the wrong turn in his 30-ton vehicle

The bill for his error was made up of:

£80,000 of spilled olive oil,

£15,000 damage to a 17th century house

£20,000 for writing-off his trailer

£115,000 TOTAL

Grit normally used to tackle ice and snow during winter had to be laid on the road which was left slippery by hundreds of litres of leaking olive oil.

Ironically the Hungarian truck driver was let off with a fine of just £40!!

So the next time, you use your sat nav, please do not ignore the Road Signs!!