2 GOS Registration for Goss twins Matt and Luke

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Are you a twin and have always wanted a personalised registration to suit you and your twin? It has been said that identical twins have a connection and that they can sense when things are happening to their twin. If you are finding it difficult to come up with a suitable personalised registration to match your own name have you ever thought about getting one to suit you and your twin instead by perhaps coming up with something that is a mix of the two names for example Xfactor twins John and Edward go by the name ‘Jedward’.

The first twins to make it in the music industry together were identical twins Matt and Luke Goss, who together with third band member Craig Logan formed the pop group ‘Bros’ in the 1980s. The group achieved a total of 11 top 40 singles and 3 Top 20 albums in the United Kingdom, making them one of the biggest acts in British music between 1988 and 1991. They reached number one when “I Owe You Nothing” was reissued in 1988. They continued having hits throughout the late 1980s, including “When Will I be Famous” “Cat Among the Pigeons” and “Too Much”, both which made UK   The band split in 1992 after artistic differences and Craig Logan’s departure in 1989.

Speedy Reg have an excellent dateless registration for the Goss twins on a current UK retention document. 2 GOS is the perfect private registration for the twins because the number two is significant as there are two of them and GOS is suitable for their surname.