Cheap Number Plates for Toby

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The recent release of Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ has caused a bit of a 1920’s revival in the world of fashion. Anyone who has seen the film will be aware of the extravagant lifestyle the main characters led and their love of all things fast and fashionable.

 Lead character Nick Carraway played by Tobey Maguire gets a taste of what it is like to lead the life of a rich New York Gentleman when he falls into the company of his new neighbour Jay Gatsby. Throughout the film we see huge parties, extravagance and Gatsby’s love of fast cars.

 Judging from his modest background we know that Tobey Maguire’s character Nick is not a wealthy man but the same cannot be said of himself. If Tobey is like his Gatsby character and fond of the finer things in life then perhaps he would be interested in a private plate such as TOB 596Y.  This would be a perfect cheap private plate for any Toby so why not get in contact with Speedy Reg today? This is their own stock number so you will not find it cheaper anywhere else in the market.  

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