Cheap Number Plates for ex-Lib Dem


Lim Dem blog

Since defecting to the Labour party, ex-Liberal Democrat minister Andrew Duffield has put his L16 DEM personalised number plate up for sale having paid just £250 for it nearly twenty years ago.

For obvious reasons Mr Duffield has removed the number from his vehicle and placed it on retention hoping to sell it to a die hard Lib Dem supporter and he isn’t asking a ridiculous amount for the registration either. So far he hasn’t been able to find a buyer for the registration but perhaps he is himself looking for a new cheap private number plate for his vehicle to replace his last one. Speedy Reg have a huge selection of cheap dateless registrations and cheap private registrations to choose from and are experts in the transfer of all varieties of registrations. If you are looking for a cheap registration for your vehicle why not give them a call today?