Private Licence Plates

Sean Blog


In today’s modern society it is possible for anyone to own a private licence plate and in fact you don’t even have to own a vehicle as many private registrations are held on a ‘Certificate of Entitlement’ or a ‘Retention Certificate,’ which means they can be held on certificate for as long as you need, however the certificate has an expiry date and therefore needs to be renewed each year.

The idea that private registrations are only associated with the rich and famous is now a thing of the past due to the fact that these types of registrations are now a lot more price competitive and many registration dealers such as Speedy Reg offer finance packages on many of their registrations on a buy now pay later basis. This makes it possible for anyone to own the registration of their dreams. Is there a registration you have always wanted yet thought you couldn’t afford it? Have you been looking at a registration for a while but don’t currently have a vehicle? Do you like the idea of having your own private registration but are not sure what you can get to suit your age of vehicle? Why not give the team at Speedy Reg a call today to discuss your options.