DVLA Number Plates


DVLA Number Plates – more choice than you might think

You might think a standard DVLA number plate is boring, no chance for any personalisation there, but you’d be wrong. The standard format of letters, followed by a number then three letters does actually give a lot of opportunity for personalised number plates. There are over 30 million DVLA registration plates available to buy so there’s plenty of choice; there’s bound to be one to suit you.

Let’s have a look at some you could snap up now. How C16 SLY, perfect for Sylvester Stallone perhaps! Or if you’re a fan of John Grisham novels, then there’s GR13 HAM! J17 XNE would be perfect if your name is Jayne, and if you have a three letter name or nickname there there are a whole host of perfect plates. If you’re a Robin or a Robert then AA04 ROB or AA12 BOB would be ideal for you. Any Catherine would be thrilled to have AA07 CAT, which of course would be perfect for a cat lover too! Of course if you’re more of a dog person then there’s also AA11 DOG available. Sues can have AB13 SUE, Paul could have PA05 ULY if they’re known as Pauly. If you know an Emma or an Emily and you think they’re ace, then EM02 ACE could be the perfect present for them!

Photo credit: Olhos_de_um_gato-2.jpg/ Foter.com/ CC BY-SA

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