Perfect Lady motoring gifts

A love of cars is not just a male dominated interest; many women love their cars too, so why not forget the perfume and chocolates and choose something your lady will really appreciate this Christmas. have a great selection of girly car gifts. They have an adorable cute cat aerial topper; the perfect stocking filler at just £2.99 and car eyelashes for just £3.50 a pair. Pop into  Halfords and you can buy a cute pink steering wheel cover for £9.99, or how about a satnav device so they’ll never get lost again?

For the racing enthusiast stock a great chequered flag handbag and seatbelt wallet. Or how about some cool Stirling Moss suede driving shoes? Perfect to slip on for driving when you’re wearing heels.

A personalised number plate is always a hit with the ladies and we have a wide range of great plates in stock. You could have MI55 XXO (Miss Hugs and Kisses) or if you think she’ll see the funny side you could opt for MS61 TCH (Miss Bitch!). We also sell car air fresheners in the shape of a license plate with your own registration on them! They’re just £6 so they’re ideal for a stocking filler.

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