Former Mayor’s Personal Number Plates for sale

Brighton and Hove City Council are to sell the Former Mayor’s Personal Number Plates..

It has been accused that Brighton and Hove Ciry Council are ‘Selling the family silver’ as the intend auctioning the Mayor;s Personal Number Plates. The Council hope to raise £150,000 by auctioning off the number plate, the money raised would be used to fund the local community.

However many former mayors have said that it would be a tragedy to loose the CD 1 number plates at it is part of the city’s heritage. The Personal Number Plates were donated to the city more than 30 years ago as it refers to the local registration letters within the area.

The Labour councillor Brian Fitch, who was also the mayor in 1989, commented:

  “The CD1 plate is part of our history. It’s like selling off the family silver.”

The debate on whether to sell the personalised number plates CD1 is over a decade old! In 2001 Green MEP, then a councillor, Keith Taylor suggested getting rid of the plate to raise extra revenue. At that point it was thought to be worth £50,000.

Do you think Brighton and Hove City Council should sell the personal number plates CD 1?