Looking for Donal Number Plates?

Whether your name is Donal, Donald, Don or maybe you’re looking for Donal numberplates then your search is almost over. Exclusively available through Speedyreg is the must have Donal number plates, D10 NAL. The name Donal originates from Scotland and Ireland, and means “world mighty or brown-haired fighter”.

This registration would be an excellent personalised number plate for the Irish journalist, Donal MacIntyre. He specialises in hard hitting investigations, undercover operations and television exposés. The risks of repeatedly going undercover have meant that MacIntyre has increasingly turned to presenting on films where his colleagues have undertaken the undercover work. He has also branched out into more traditional presenting roles, on weather phenomena and wildlife documentaries on BBC TV and Five.

Maybe you want to become the Ultimate Fan of the Disney Cartoon Donald Duck, and what better way to is this but with personalised number plates, D10 NAL.