It’s our Director Des’s Favourite Day of the Year!

Speedy Reg- World Boss's Day 2019
Speedy Reg- World Boss’s Day 2019

Which day of the year would you expect to be the favourite of Des our director? Christmas perhaps? Bah Humbug no. Halloween? No, way too scary, all those killer clowns and zombies. Actually, his favourite day of the whole year is today, World Bosses Day!

Now Des knows his business is in safe hands, so instead of sitting at his desk he can often be found fishing or tending to his vegetables, but he’ll always be in the office on October 16th, to make the very most of World Bosses Day when he’ll spend the day reminding us of who’s in charge and making boss-like demands. Which usually involves fetching him coffee and biscuits.

For the rest of the year, to be fair, Des isn’t all that bossy, so he does like to make up for it on World Bosses Day. We don’t mind too much. We might even make him a card to celebrate the day and make him feel important. Before tomorrow when we all go back to ignoring him. He is a pretty good boss after all and we’re lucky to have him, just don’t tell him that, we don’t want him to get big headed.

Will you be doing anything special for your boss today? Being a boss can be tough, all that responsibility with rarely any thanks. Why not take the time to say thank you to your boss and do something nice for them? If you’re feeling particularly generous you could club together with all your workmates and treat them to a new personalised number plate. How about BOS 51S or 80 SSY? We’ve even got BOS plates for under £200. You could choose from AO04 BOS, BO53 BOS, AO05 BOS and many more. We thought about treating our Des to the brilliant plate DES 51E. But at £25,000 as much as we like having Des as our boss, we just don’t love him that much. Not unless he gives us all a substantial pay rise.  But it’s the thought that counts, and we thought about. For around five seconds. So he’ll have to make do with a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake instead.

So we’d like to wish all bosses a very happy World Bosses Day, and if your employees don’t make a fuss of you today, then why not check out our website and treat yourself instead! We’ve got personalised number plates for everyone, just take a look and see what you can find – you deserve it!